Posted on: January 15, 2011 5:54 pm

Sportz fanaticz

Join sportz fanaticz group. Sports talk is aplenty and i hope that everyone realizes that all this is by a 12 year old kid. so yeah, JUST DO IT!!!!!!
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My bball League

I need players for my fantasy basketball league: WEtalkinboutBBalL, automated draft. JOIN TODAY!!!
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Posted on: December 26, 2010 5:19 pm

Weekly Brady #1

 What a way to start off a weekly brady post. Today, the New England Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady broke a record for most consecutive pass attempts. The record, held by former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar, was 308 passes. Two passes later, Brady threw a touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski, putting New England up 31-3

 Interesting sidelights:

The last time Brady threw a pick was on oct. 17, when he threw 2 vrs the Ravens

Tom Brady now hold  16 Nfl records 
tom brady threw 5,351 yards in college

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Posted on: December 26, 2010 3:03 pm

Undroppable players

One part of fantasy sports that i particularly dislike is undroppable players.This occurs when people decide that certain stars of the fantasy sport that you are playin in cannot be dropped from your team. I see absolutly no reason for this, as nobody in thier right mind would drop a star like, say Sidney Crosby, without a good reason. I ran into this problem yesterday when i learned that Red Wings center Pavel Datsyuk had gotten hurt. My fantasy hockey leage allows no hurt players on your roster period, so i could not gain any fantasy points. This idea of "undroppable players" should be dropped immediatly

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